10 Ways To Cool Your Home This Summer

7/14/2012 5:13:16 PM

Summertime may mean vacations and suntans, but it also means hot homes and high cooling costs. To keep your home's mercury -- and cooling bills -- low, we've compiled these handy tips that will ensure your summer comfort doesn't come with a hefty bill.

Use Landscaping to Increase Cooling

Creative landscaping is a great way to naturally cool your home. Strategically positioned trees and shrubs will shade your home's exterior, slowing the heat exchange process. It can also keep the AC units cool, which allows it to run more efficiently. Just by planting shrubs alongside the central cooling unit can save up to 50% in cooling costs.

Not sure about how to plant a tree? Just watch this easy-to-follow How To video on planting a tree in your yard.

Learn more details about cooling your home through landscaping.

Cool Your Home Naturally

Everything from swapping incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent (CLFS) to installing sun screens or similar shading devices should be considered by the heat-weary homeowner. Even using the outdoor grill instead of the stove or oven will make a difference. The combined cooling effects of these passive solutions will see energy bills decreased at reasonable up-front costs.

Learn more on natural and passive cooling techniques for the home.

Install a Solar Attic Fan

An attic fan can reduce your cooling bills as much as 30% by exhausting all the hot air out of the attic. Some, like the Solar Star attic fan pictured here, qualify for that nifty 30% federal tax credit and don't require the home's electricity to run. That's serious savings.

Read a little more about attic fans here.

July is here and so is your summer cooling bill. You may be looking for ways to save, and here are a few to get you started today.
Now, these tips may have you moving around furniture. Lamps and electronics in general can exude heat. If these items are placed near your cooling system it can cause them to run longer than necessary and rack up the costs of your monthly energy bill. These easy tips will certainly save you some money. Jalelah Ahmed has more.

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