Skin Care for the Runny Nose

By Terri Hall
1/12/2013 12:29:40 PM

After a weeklong battle with a nasty cold, my beautiful daughter didn't want to return to school. It wasn't because she had had soooo much fun at home with mom or dreaded the homework to be made up. It was because of the effect left from having blown and wiped her nose over and over and over again, probably a little too hard. The tender skin between her nose and her upper lip looked as if it, apart from the rest of her body, had survived a wicked fire. Well, in a sense, it had. It was a cold burn victim covered with patches of discolored, blotchy, raw looking skin.

Since the damage was already done, the course for encouraging the speedy healing of this area was to treat it with a gentle, non-irritating moisturizer. While many commonly coat the area with a thin smear of petroleum jelly, a light layer of sesame oil, with its anti-inflammatory properties, can get the job done as well, and will be absorbed by the skin instead of just sit on top of it. Though there may be dry patches of skin, using an exfoliant at this time could cause further inflammation of already irritated skin. Gentle washing and moisturizing will heal the damaged delicate skin around your nose.

As we know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When faced with a season of heavy duty nose blowing, following these suggestions will provide your nose, lips and the area in between the two with some TLC:

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