Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

2/7/2012 8:15:59 AM

Here are some stories to help you stay healthy during cold and flu season:

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Skip Getting Sick in 3 Steps

By now you know that frequently washing your hands with good old soap for 20 to 25 seconds is the first line of defense against germs that lead to illness. Here, other ways to help you fight the good fight.

Step 1:  Regularly disinfect the kitchen sink, the trash can, the bathroom faucet, and the tub. They're some of the germiest places in a home, according to studies. The champion of contamination? The kitchen sponge. Clean it in the dishwasher weekly.

Step 2:  Take a brisk walk five times a week. Studies show that regular exercise can help reduce your likelihood of catching a cold.

Step 3:  Work probiotics (a.k.a. good bacteria) into your daily diet to help your immune system ward off bad bacteria. Try yogurt, fortified drinks, or a tasty treat like the 90-calorie Attune Milk Chocolate Crisp Probiotic Bar ($1.20, for stores).

What you can do to get safely through the cold and flu season.

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Your Cold and Flu Symptoms, Explained

There's a reason for each and every sniffle, sneeze, ache, and pain. Learn why your body behaves the way it does, and discover the quickest ways to feel better.

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6 Natural Cold-Prevention Strategies

Statistics say you'll catch two to four colds during the colder months. Here's help to stave them off.

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