The Hottest Health Trends for 2013

By Marja Ortiz-Martinez
1/9/2013 10:44:12 AM

This past year was a year of tremendous growth in the health field, but by far the most popular trend in 2012 was the use of smart phone apps to monitor and track your health. As technology advances we'll continue to see a growth in the numerous gadgets and apps available to keep you in shape. The Apple App Store even offers an app used to scan a mole so you can receive expert feedback on whether it could be cancerous. The choices are endless.

In 2013 you can also expect to see an increase in what is known as boutique medicine, which is when consumers circumvent health insurance providers and seek out medical clinics that set you up on a monthly payment plan. It has become increasingly affordable and convenient. Another upcoming health trend is the resurgence of the popular '80s trend Jazzercise. Proof that everything really does come back around. Last but not least, in what may be the year's most bizarre trend, we'll see a major increase in the grassroots movement called "Earthing". This is when you sleep on the ground and walk around barefoot in order to absorb the Earth's energy and improve your overall health. Check it out on this week's Health Front.