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    Have Migraine Headaches? Try Drinking More Water

    By By Tory Lowy
    June 20, 2013, 5:00:59 AM EDT

    Migraine sufferers often know the triggers to their discomfort, be it sound, light, stress, or Bieber mania. Relief, however, may be harder to pinpoint. But could the secret to fewer migraines be as simple as getting enough H2O?


    Full Bladder, Happy Head? — Why It Matters

    In one study, researchers observed two groups of migraine-prone individuals, giving one group a placebo and upping the other group’s water intake by an average of four cups per day. Two weeks later, the water group reported lessened headache severity and 21 fewer hours of pain compared to the placebo group (arguably worth the extra bathroom breaks!). In another study, researchers found the majority of participants only needed to drink an average of 500 mL of water to relieve their migraines within 30 minutes. Whether it’s from running laps on the track, a long day at the beach, or last night’s fourth vodka tonic, dehydration can strike at any time— often with little warning. And it turns out people who suffer from migraines— those severe and often debilitating throbbing headaches— may be more sensitive to dehydration than others. Research suggests a link between staying hydrated and experiencing fewer migraine attacks.

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