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    Beat a Migraine Before It Beats You (Naturally)

    By Dr. Ben Adkins
    6/21/2013 11:37:11 AM

    If you've never had a migraine, then you can't possibly understand the unbearable pain that someone goes through when they experience this special type of headache.

    If you are a regular migraine sufferer, then you would probably do anything to make the pain (and fear of pain) go away.

    Your quick and easy guide to beating a migraine the natural way:

    Credit: Divine Caroline

    Avoid Food Triggers

    Migraine headaches can be triggered by foods that contain tyramine. Tyramine can be found in the following foods:

    - Red Wine

    - Aged Cheese

    - Smoked Fish

    - Chicken Livers

    - Figs

    - Certain beans

    Alcohol, in general, can also play a major role in the development of migraines.

    Migraines can also be caused by food that contains nitrates. Nitrates can be found in the following foods:

    - Bacon

    - Salami

    - Hot Dogs

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