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    13 Ways to Stop and Prevent Brain Freeze

    By By Jacob Wallach
    June 20, 2013, 4:46:04 AM EDT

    One of the best things about the the summer season is that it is hot enough for you to enjoy as much ice cream as you want, although if you ask us, any season is ice cream season. It is hardly dangerous, unless you’re dieting and even then there are light and fat-free varieties. Plus, it makes for a fun treat to enjoy with your friends and family.

    As for flavors, there are the all around classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry and then there are the more inventive and surprising flavors like olive oil, caviar, and avocado. Although ice cream can be sweet, sour, salty and sometimes spicy, there is one thing that all flavors have in common: they bring on brain freeze.


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    The only real threat to eating ice cream is Ice Cream Headache, or in Layman's terms brain freeze. There are a lot of scientific technicalities to go into, like how the capillaries in the palate of our mouth get cold too quickly and result in a migraine.

    It’s a big spiel, but it’s simple as this, it’s just a pain in the ass, but it’s avoidable. We all know the simple facts, if you love ice cream and you eat it too fast, you get a massive headache.

    For some people, eating ice cream isn’t like a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of thing. Ice cream eating can be a daily event especially in the summer time. To avoid the headache--literally and figuratively that a brain freeze brings on, try these simple tips. That is, unless you enjoy an icy cool pounding migraine.

    Let it Sit

    Since Brain Freeze starts after you swallow, you can actually prevent it by holding the cold substance against the roof of your mouth before you swallow. But this technique seems so illogical most people won’t even try it!

    When you eat your treat you don’t want to keep it on your tongue and wait for a couple minutes until it melts. You want to eat it and swallow when it gets in your mouth. There’s such a thing as being patient, but when it comes to ice cream you shouldn’t have to be.


    Understand What Causes Brain Freeze.

    Like we said before, there is a whole scientific explanation for why brain freeze happens. If you want to learn a little bit more about the subject , head here. You know what they say, if you know why something happens you can learn to prevent it. Humans are able to adapt to their environment. Adapt to the Ice Cream!


    Mix Your Frozen Snack with Some Warm Toppings

    The best thing in a sundae besides the actual ice cream are the toppings. You can choose anything from fruits to nuts to hot syrups. The best way to prevent the brainfreeze is to go the hot syrup route. If you decided to mix the hot and cold you will decrease the risk of brain freeze. By mixing the two you will cancel out the brain freeze. If you have one part cold and one part hot then you’ll have zero parts brain freeze.


    Take Small Bites or Sips..

    ...and let them warm on your tongue before they touch the roof of your mouth.Frozen treats come in more than just the semi-solid scoop of ice cream. You can get a frozen slushie. If you eat/drink the treat slowly then your mouth will get accustomed to the chilled food/beverage. Be on the safe side and eat slow, plus you’ll have more time to enjoy your favorite cold snack.

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