Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to view a weather widget?
AccuWeather weather widgets work on all modern desktop browsers, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile phones and tablets. JavaScript must also be enabled.
How do I set a location for my weather widget?
There are 2 location options: Auto-Detect and Fixed Location. Auto-Detect uses your site visitor's IP address to determine the location. If it is not available, the widget will default to New York, NY. Your visitor will be able to change the location of the widget at any time and the widget will remember that choice for the next visit. If you choose to set your widget to a Fixed Location, the widget will always display weather for that location. You also have the option to allow your visitors to change the location of the widget if you choose a Fixed Location. If that box is checked, your visitors can change the location of the widget at any time and that location will be remembered for the next time they visit your site.
What widget sizes are available?
Both the Current Weather and 36-Hour Weather Widgets are responsive so their size will adapt automatically to the place you put it on your website. The size options on the Current Weather sign up page are to demonstrate the widget's responsive design. The minimum size for the 36-Hour widget is 320 pixels.
What is responsive design and how does it affect the way the widget looks on my website?
Responsive design allows the widget to automatically resize to match the space provided. Responsive design will also automatically resize to accommodate different device types - desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. For example, if your website is 700 pixels wide, the widget will automatically re-size to look great for that width.
What is an interest, and what will happen if I have one on my widget?
If you add an interest forecast to your 36-hour widget, your widget will include information about when the weather is optimal for that interest. There are 26 interests to choose from.
What is a dynamic background?
The background colors on the widget will match the weather. For example, if it is sunny without any clouds in your visitor's location, the widget will show a sky blue background, without any clouds.
What is the Linked Weather Widget Package and how does it work?
The Linked Weather Package gives you a complete weather solution for your website. It allows you to put the Current Weather Widget on your Home Page (or any other page) and use it as a link to your 36-Hour Weather Widget which lives on a separate page on your site. The default behavior of the Current Weather Widget is to link to for more information, but if you add the complete URL to the page your 36-Hour Widget is located on, the Current Weather Widget will link to it rather than, giving you a complete weather solution for your website.