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Valentine’s Day Gifts May Be Destroyed By Changing Climate

By Valerie Smock
February 13, 2013; 2:21 PM ET

Roses are red, violets are blue. Those Valentine's Day presents could make you say boo hoo. You may think that finding that perfect Valentine is difficult in and of itself. What happens if you find a date and you have nothing to give them?

A mini-report from the environmental group, Climate Nexus, points out that climate change is poised to sour Valentine's Day, or at least change it significantly, by threatening chocolate production.

According to the group, global warming could end up melting your chocolaty treats. A rise in temperatures could cause a decline in some cocoa production. Plus, farmers in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand say climate conditions are also harming sugar cane.

As for roses, there is still a chance. According to the Historic Roses Group, the rose species have endured many climate changes and have adapted to a range of extreme conditions. If you were planning on buying flowers, you should still be in luck.


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