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Top 5 Most-Expensive Hurricanes to Hit the U.S.

By Jennifer Correa
August 18, 2013; 9:33 AM ET
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From June to November, the Atlantic Ocean becomes the breeder of one of the most destructive natural disasters, creating monstrous hurricanes that strike the United States, year after year. It is no surprise how powerful and destructive these storms are and when hurricanes make landfall; not only do they leave behind destruction but also a very expensive bill.

From Hurricane Ike, which so far is the longest-living hurricane, to Hurricane Wilma, the most intense Hurricane on record, billions of dollars were spent to recover from the damage. There was also Hurricane Katrina which caused a catastrophic storm surge and Hurricane Andrew produced extreme winds at landfall. But how do these ravaging storms rank when it comes to cost? So we're counting down on the top five most-costly hurricanes to hit the U.S.


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