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Top 25 Cities in the World

November 2, 2013; 7:30 AM ET



Readers' Choice Rating: 80.5

Barcelona is "a beautiful and accessible modern city with great food, museums and Gaudi architecture." It's also the "perfect beach city" where "the party never ends." "It is both a 24-hour metropolis and a family-oriented city. It is both easy to travel by public transportation,and glorious to walkabout." "Explore the Old City by yourself," one reader recommends. "By the time you untangle yourself from the winding ramblas, you'll have a slew of friends."


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Readers' Choice Rating: 80.5

"A beautiful and intriguing place" where "every view is like a painting," Venice won over our readers with its "unbelievable atmosphere." There's "not a bad meal to be had in this city," and it's a "paradise for shopping and fashion." "Somehow for me this city is apart from this world. You can write pages describing it but it would never be enough. It's the perfect experience to wake up in the morning and have a espresso on a narrow street and to end it in a gondola in the evening."



Readers' Choice Rating: 80.8

Top museums, public art and green spaces are what set Melbourne apart from its bigger counterpart, Sydney. There are "large outdoor spaces designed for music, art, live and film performances," as well as an "old world and new mix of architecture in wide public spaces" that our readers found refreshing.

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