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Ten Destinations Where the Weather is Always Temperate

By Katie Rosenbrock
April 19, 2014; 7:30 AM ET
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Everyone has their own definition of ideal weather. While we bet some of you could spend all 365 days of the year bundled up in your warmest winter gear so long as you could hit the slopes every day, we know there's just as many of you who would happily give up ever having to see snow again in exchange for year-round, bask-in-the-sun beach weather.

Whatever your preference, most can agree: mild spring and summer climates make for some of the most enjoyable times spent outside. Who wouldn't want to pass a perfectly pleasant spring day picnicking in the park? And what could beat spending the entire summer barefoot by the breezy shore?

Some parts of the world have to put up with frigid temperatures, gusty winds and heaps of snow before Mother Nature finally grants climates akin to paradise. In other parts, well, the majority of days are graced by the warm rays of the sun and open-toe-shoe temperatures.

They're the destinations where Goldie Locks would most like to live. In other words: locations where the year-round weather is not too hot, not too cold and almost always just right. If you've ever prayed for the permanence of spring and summer, we suggest that you seriously consider relocating to one of the following cities where weather conditions are totally temperate all year long.

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Credit: Flickr/scotbot

Gibraltar, Spain

Another Mediterranean climate that boasts 11 hours of sunshine daily during its summer months (June to September) and mostly moderate temperatures that hardly ever fall below 50 F for the rest of the year, Gibraltar's only downside is that above-average rainfall can put a damper on the spring-like temperatures during December and January.

Best Time to Visit: June-September

Credit: Flickr/trailsource

Christchurch, New Zealand

Northeast New Zealand is commonly acclaimed for its mostly moderate weather. Begin located in the Southern hemisphere its seasons are opposite of the North's. Summertime takes place from late December through February with highs averaging in the mid-70s. Wintertime temperatures have chillier tendencies, but here the season is never considered extreme and temperatures typically fall between the mid- 30s and 50s during this time.

Best Time to Visit: December-February

Credit: Flickr/shanemcg

Marsielle, France

The second largest city in France, Marsielle is characteristic of mild winters and warm, dry summers. The summer season (June to August) sees average highs in the mid-80s and while the short winter (December to February) can sometimes be a bit nippy, highs during this time average in the mid-50s and rarely ever see a drop below 40 F.

Best Time to Visit: April-June

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