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PHOTOS: Storms Unleash More Massive Twisters in Nebraska; Storms Pummel Ontario

By Kristen Rodman, Staff Writer
June 20, 2014; 1:35 AM ET
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As the second-consecutive day of severe storms unfolded across the Plains and Midwest on Tuesday, more twisters took form, barreling through Nebraska, Michigan, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa and even parts of Canada.

Following a tornado that led to catastrophic damage to the town of Pilger, Nebraska, on Monday, June 16, a massive rain-wrapped tornado swept through the Nebraskan town of Coleridge on Tuesday night.

Farther north in Canada, an unusual circumstance transpired as a tornado rolled through Angus, Ontario, Tuesday night.

Additional tornadoes were also reported in Whitman, Montana; Hartington, Nebraska; and Camp Crook, South Dakota.

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Damaging winds, large hail and heavy rains accompanied the storms, triggering flash flooding and inducing numerous power outages.

Thunderstorms and strong winds will persist in the Midwest on Wednesday, threatening areas from Chicago to Philadelphia. Farther west, severe storms will flare up again, with a tornado threat in store for portions eastern Nebraska, western Iowa and southeastern South Dakota.

A large tornado takes form in Coleridge, Nebraska, on June 17, 2014. (Instagram Photo/Jacob Palmer)

A Nebraska resident's belongings lay scattered on the ground after a tornado flattened the family's home on June 17, 2014. (Instagram Photo/User kellzical)

Following massive tornadoes in Nebraska on June 16, more storms blew through the area again on Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

A storm chaser catches a glimpse of a tornado formation and a lightning strike on camera near Wakefield, Nebraska, on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. (Twitter Photo/Joey Krastel)

A thunderstorm spawns a tornado in Angus, Canada, on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. (Twitter Photo/Ryan Delaney)

A twister severely damages a residential home in Angus, Canada, on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. (Instagram Photo/Mandy Marrello)

Multiple homes are damaged after a tornado rips through Angus, Canada, on June 17, 2014. (Instagram Photo/Christopher Cicero)

A UHaul truck lays on the ground after it toppled over when a tornado blew through Angus, Canada, on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. (Photo/Christopher Cicero)

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