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PHOTOS: Rare Planetary Trio Seen in US

May 27, 2013; 7:04 AM

The planetary trio event occurred on Sunday, May 26. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury formed a bright triangle just after sunset in the western horizon. Sky-gazers observed the rare astronomical phenomenon, which will not occur again until October 2015.

The trio will be visible for a few more nights, but they will dim as the planets separate from one another.

Followers of AccuWeather's Astronomy page posted pictures of this rare event:

The event as seen during sunset from the Apple Pie Hill tower in Tabernacle, N.J. Photo by Dawn Haggerty

The trio over Eastern PA. Photo by Edmond Krasniqi

Planet triad over Cypress Creek in Smithfield, Va. A few clouds obscured the best viewing but made up for it by creating a beautiful sunset. Photo by Bonnie Horne


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