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PHOTOS: First in Series of 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipses Captured

By Samantha-Rae Tuthill, Staff Writer
April 16, 2014; 4:26 AM ET
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The first total lunar eclipse since 2011 graced the night sky into early Tuesday morning. Dubbed a 'blood moon' for the reddish-orange glow it takes on during the eclipse, it is the first of four lunar eclipses that will happen in approximate six-month intervals.

When eclipses occur this close together, they are called a tetrad. The next eclipse in this tetrad will be on Oct. 8, with two more to follow in 2015.

The hue of the moon is a result of the sun's light reflecting through the Earth's atmosphere as the planet comes between its celestial satellite and the sun.

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Fans on our AccuWeather Astronomy page were quick to send in their photos of the event last evening and this morning. See some of their images below.

View of the eclipse near Oklahoma City, Okla. (Facebook/Michael Burke)

The moon appears to glow red in Muscatine, Iowa. (Facebook/Paul Brooks)

Part of the moon shines bright as Tuesday morning's eclipse progressed near Blue Bell, Pa. (Facebook/Jason Ward)

Details of the moon's crater-marked surface are clearly shown in this vibrant eclipse photo, taken in Denver. (Facebook/Scott Smith)

A brilliant shot of the eclipse captured in Salt Lake City. (Facebook/Harish Narendar)

The red-orange glow of the blood moon eclipse. (Facebook/Dan Stern).


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