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Parched: A New Dust Bowl Forms in the Heartland

By Laura Parker for National Geographic
June 8, 2014; 7:12 AM ET
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The following is an excerpt from National Geographic:

In Boise City, Oklahoma, over the catfish special at the Rockin' A Café, the old-timers in this tiny prairie town grouse about billowing dust clouds so thick they forced traffic off the highways and laid down a suffocating layer of topsoil over fields once green with young wheat.

A gigantic dust cloud looms over a ranch in Boise City, Oklahoma, in this April 1935 file photo. PHOTOGRAPH BY AP

They talk not of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, but of the duster that rolled through here on April 27, clocked at 62.3 miles per hour.

It was the tenth time this year that Boise City, at the western end of the Oklahoma panhandle, has endured a dust storm with gusts more than 50 miles per hour, part of a breezier weather trend in a region already known for high winds.

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