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    10 Spooky Spots for a Ghostly Encounter

    By By Blane Bachelor
    November 01, 2013, 5:45:28 AM EDT

    With Halloween on the horizon, how about a seasonal getaway where you might see something far more freaky than fall foliage? Consider these spooky spots around the world, where the eerie encounters that have reportedly taken place include full-bodied apparitions of former royalty, ghostly orbs, mysterious echoes of cannon fire from bygone centuries, and even a phantom truck that terrorizes drivers. No matter which you visit, you’re guaranteed some spirited sightseeing.

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    Edinburgh Castle Where: Edinburgh, Scotland Reining above a city notorious for its murders, plague, and torture, and with 900 years of its own history spanning executions, surprise attacks, and purported witches burned at the stake, it’s no surprise that this landmark attraction is rich with paranormal lore. In fact, Edinburgh Castle was the site of one of the world’s largest paranormal investigations in 2001. Among experiences reported by the dozens of volunteers were ghostly touches, temperature drops, and shadowy figures. Today, guided tours offer the everyday visitor a chance to see a specter of their own. Don’t miss the dog cemetery, the final resting place for officers’ beloved pets. Plan Your Trip: Visit the Fodor's Edinburgh Guide


    Clinton Road Where: West Milford, New Jersey For decades, this desolate, 10-mile stretch off Route 23 North in West Milford has spooked sojourners. Reports abound about Satanic rituals in the nearby woods, a phantom truck that tailgates terrified drivers, and a ghostly child who locals say haunts the perilous Dead Man’s Curve, throwing back the coins that people toss into the river below. Legends aside, the road is scary enough on its own, with no lighting and sharp turns. Plan Your Trip: Visit the Fodor's New Jersey Guide


    The Tower of London Where: London, England Believed by many to be London’s most haunted buildings, this circa 11th-century fortress is bursting with stories of spirits roaming within. The most legendary include Queen Anne Boleyn—who was beheaded in 1536 and has been known to walk around the White Tower with her head under her arm—Guy Fawkes, and Sir Walter Raleigh. But the extensive paranormal activity at The Tower of London also includes levitating shapes, disturbing noises, and, most bizarrely, a bear. Listen to the ghostly tales of the fortress during popular Twilight Tower Tours. Plan Your Trip: Visit the Fodor's London Guide

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