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    The Sounds of the Season

    By Maria King
    December 18, 2012; 11:23 AM ET
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    I wrote last week about trains and my love of trains. Since then I have encountered three extremely long trains while driving. I think it was to show their appreciation for my recommendation of trains and train rides. So this week, I decided to write about banks at the holidays so they can show their appreciation. (Just kidding. A girl can dream can't she?)

    Photo by Richard Bloomfield

    Seriously, we are a little more than a week from Christmas. That means that the last of the Christmas blogs is here (I hope that isn't cheering I hear). As you know, I try to find some theme relating to the events that I highlight. This Christmas I talked about parades; lighted, Thanksgiving, Christmas, boat and children's. I gave a look at some of the biggest holiday events, some "hassle free" events and some train events. When I was thinking about the season coming to a close this week I was wondering if there would be enough events taking place to find an interesting theme for this weeks finale. And would it be a theme that I could translate as exciting.

    Well no fear. It seems that in my previous Christmas blogs these past few weeks I overlooked an aspect of utmost importance to the holiday season; music. I personally listen to Christmas carols everyday this time of year. I play Christmas music while putting up my decorations and at all my holiday get-togethers. And although this year I am having some reception issues on my stereo, I sing along with the static anyway. (I was in the chorus all 4 years in high school so no cracks about the static BEING my singing). I listed a wide variety of musical events. There are Philharmonic Orchestras, "Pop" Orchestras, Professional Choirs, church choirs and even town sing-a-longs; something for everyone! Any one of these events is an excellent way to spend the last weekend before Christmas. As always, be sure to check the search box for events in your area and enjoy some beautiful Christmas music with someone you love.

    I hope that you have enjoyed reading about the holiday events and all the events I have highlighted this year. I hope I have given a great mix of events and a variety of suggestions to make it more exciting. All the while, I tried to share some personal memories with you and I appreciate the fact that you all indulged me. I think of this blog as a weekly chance to talk with my friends about things that they might find enjoyable in the world of events. Along the way I inject these personal musing as I would with any of my friends. Let's face it, this is not the "Great American Novel" nor award winning journalism. Rather I like to think of it more as if we are having a conversation over dinner and drinks at my home discussing what is going on this week in the world of events. The emails from my "friends" who read my blog every week allow the conversations to continue. These emails let me know that I have allowed many of you to relive memories and make new ones. I love knowing that. The fact that you share it with me is a wonderful part of what I do here. I personally answer each and every email that I receive. I encourage all of you to share your thoughts with me. And I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday sharing dinner and drinks with those that you love. From my family to your family, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

    Sincerest Regards,


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