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    10 Recycled DIY Halloween Decorations

    By By Becky Striepe
    October 22, 2012, 9:47:29 AM EDT


    Why Handmade?

    Handmade decorations mean a time investment, and when you’re wrestling with a busy schedule, setting aside a few hours for spooky crafts may not seem like it’s worth the effort. After all, you can just hit the big box store or the party store and pick up very cute Halloween decorations on the cheap. Why bother?

    There are a couple of problems with hitting the big box store for your holiday decorations. The first is that when you shop at those large corporations, you’re voting with your dollar not only for cheaply-made goods that harm the environment but often for their political views. The other reason to go handmade is that when you choose cheap, store-bought decorations you get what you pay for. Usually, it’s in the form of low-quality decorations made from new plastic in a far off factory and possibly under questionable labor conditions. Kind of takes the festivity out of those cute witch and pumpkin decorations, doesn’t it?

    But I’m Not Crafty!

    If you think that you don’t have the crafty skills to pull off making your own decorations, don’t despair! There are projects here for crafters at any skill level, so whether the only craft supplies you’ve ever worked with are scissors and glue or you give your sewing machine regular workouts, you can make at least some if not all of these spooky, DIY Halloween decorations. DIY Halloween Decorations

    DIY Tip: If you find a tutorial that’s cute but not so green, you can often green it up by substituting reclaimed and non-toxic materials. For example, instead of conventional spray paint, you can choose a low-VOC spray paint and you can use junk mail instead of new paper.

    1. Glitter Bats – I made these super fun bats to decorate one of my Halloween parties, and they’re very simple to make. Just use some bat clip art to make a template, trace onto medium weight reclaimed cardboard (like an old cereal box), and paint them with glitter glue. When your bats are dry, you can string them onto garland, stick them to the wall with double-sided tape, or hang them from ceiling with fishing line.

    2. Canning Jar Lid Pumpkin – Got some old Mason jar lids laying around? It’s easy as pie to make them into a sweet, shabby-chic pumpkin decoration!

    3. Used Book Pumpkin – You can never have too many pumpkins on Halloween! If the Mason jar lids aren’t your thing, check out these sweet pumpkin decorations made from reclaimed books.

    4. Head in a Jar – Old glass jars are endlessly useful for crafting, and Dabbled shows you how to turn an old jar into an uber creepy Halloween decoration.

    5. Bat Mobile – This decoration is more sweet than spooky. Cut bats out of reclaimed paper and hang them from a tree branch to make a bat mobile! Check out even more DIY Halloween decorations!

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