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    5 Flu Symptoms and Remedies

    By Shannon Sexton
    October 16, 2012; 1:36 PM ET
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    It's the dead of winter and you've got a miserable cold or the flu-again. Why is it so hard to escape this season without sneezing, coughing, aching, or running a fever?

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    We often invite these ailments in unwittingly. As the temperature drops and twilight falls earlier and earlier, we'd rather slouch on a couch and eat pizza in front of the TV than take a brisk walk or head to the gym. Throw in a few festive holidays and we've got an overburdened, under exercised body brimming with ama (toxic buildup). And because winter is a kapha-dominant season, we begin to feel increasingly cold, heavy, wet, dense, and inert. As kapha rises and ama builds, the body becomes congested.

    In its wisdom, the body attempts to slough off this toxic buildup before it causes bigger problems (according to ayurveda, ama is the fertilizer for all the seeds of illness). A cold or the flu can be the mechanism for a little "spring cleaning," however unpleasant.

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