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Leader in the Field: Timeline of AccuWeather Technology

By Meghan Evans, meteorologist
November 14, 2012; 11:23 AM ET
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Dr. Joel Myers founded AccuWeather in November of 1962, 50 years ago. At that time, there were very primitive weather satellites and computer models.

"We didn't have radars to print out in those days," Myers said, referencing the early days of AccuWeather. "The models that everyone talks about today were very rudimentary. A lot of weather forecasting depended on experience, pattern recognition, intuition based on good science, so it was an art as much as or more than a science based on a lot of experience."

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One of the reasons that Myers explains how AccuWeather has been able to be so successful is excellence in communicating the weather forecast. Staying ahead of advancing technology has also been very important in successful weather forecasting.

"We've been very agile in how we've been anticipating and moving with the changes in technology," Myers said.

The following infographic was created in November 2012 to celebrate AccuWeather's 50th anniversary. AccuWeather continues to pioneer new technologies and methods to improve weather forecasting.

AccuWeather's Melanie Tremmel produced the infographic above. AccuWeather's Kristen Connolly and Meghan Evans also contributed to the content of the infographic.


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