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3n and AccuWeather Ensure Customers Remain One Step Ahead of Weather

February 11, 2009; 7:12 AM
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Industry Leaders Partner to Deliver Combined Solution for Severe Weather Alerts and Emergency Notification

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. February 11, 2009 - - 3n Global (www.3nonline.com), the leading global mass notification system provider, and AccuWeather, Inc.®, today announced a partnership to drive effective emergency communications in the face of severe weather. The partnership will empower organizations with timely, site-specific weather alerts and enable them to easily implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans with customized emergency notifications.

The agreement combines the flagship 3n InstaCom™ communications platform with AccuWeather's SkyGuard® custom weather warning service to provide a seamless emergency notification platform and secure distribution method for issuing clear and actionable weatherspecific alerts. The customized weather warnings can be delivered to tens, hundreds or thousands of people in minutes across multiple modes of communication, including landline phones, mobile phones, smartphones such as BlackBerry® devices, text messages, emails, instant messages, fax machines, and pagers. The SkyGuard service is provided by WeatherData® Services Inc., an AccuWeather® company, based in Wichita, Kansas.

"We are excited about partnering with an industry-leader like AccuWeather to offer our customers the most effective solution to prepare and respond to severe weather that affects their continuity of operations," said Marc Ladin, vice president of global marketing, 3n Global. "This partnership delivers on our promise to provide a fast, reliable and simple solution for users to communicate during emergencies and day-to-day operations."

Benefits to Users: The combination of 3n InstaCom and AccuWeather SkyGuard ensures that before, during and after severe weather and weather-related situations - such as tornadoes, lightning, flash flooding hurricanes, fires and severe ice and snowstorms - organizations can communicate the right message to the right parties at the appropriate time. Messages specific to front-line managers, first responders, citizens, employees, customers, partners, and other constituents can be customized with relevant location- and weather-specific instructions. This joint weather forecasting and emergency notification solution enables organizations to:

- Free content available on the mobile web site includes exclusive AccuWeather.com 15-day forecasts, current conditions, hour-by-hour forecasts for up to 48 hours, satellite images (where available), and the ability to store up to ten locations. The site supports both English and metric units - Deliver life-saving instructions and information to constituents before severe weather events occur - Increase productivity and accelerate ROI by leveraging a fast, effective and proven communication system - Reduce inbound calls by communicating relevant information at regular intervals - Track activities during incidents and proactively improve processes prior to future incidents - Build trust and a sense of safety with the community

"Extreme weather events can be very dangerous, and the ability to be prepared depends on accurate information and communications," said Paul Raymond, Product Director of Commercial Services for AccuWeather. "Working together, AccuWeather and 3n can offer customers the most accurate pinpoint forecasting information, backed by a best-of-breed system for communicating directives, actions and follow up - helping you protect your property and your employees. Our storm warning meteorologists monitor the warnings as they are sent, received and acknowledged by our clients. The tight integration with 3n InstaCom keeps our staff right inthe-loop and raises the delivery of leading pinpoint weather information for customers to new levels."

The solution is currently available. For more information go to: www.3nonline.com.

About 3n® Global 3n is the leading global provider of emergency notification solutions to Global 2000 corporations, healthcare systems, colleges and universities, and government agencies and municipalities. Organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide rely on 3n for daily operational and emergency notification needs. 3n's innovative and powerful emergency notification system is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use system on the market today, enabling organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to crises and achieve considerable bottom-line savings. For more information about 3n, visit www.3nonline.com/pr or call toll-free at 1-888-366-4911. About WeatherData and AccuWeather, Inc. WeatherData Services, Inc., an AccuWeather company, specializes in weather-risk management consulting and state-of-the-art weather forecasting and services to utility, transportation, manufacturing, educational and governmental clients throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. In 2006, AccuWeather, Inc., the world's leading commercial weather company, acquired WeatherData. AccuWeather, The World's Weather Authority®, presents accurate, localized, branded forecasts and severe weather bulletins to over 110 million Americans each day via the Internet, mobile devices and IPTV, through the airwaves, in print and on digital signage. The 113 meteorologists at AccuWeather deliver a portfolio of customized products and services to media, business, government, and institutions, and inform millions of visitors worldwide through the free AccuWeather.com website. AccuWeather also provides content onto more than 200,000 third-party Internet sites, including CNN Interactive, ABC's owned and operated stations, The Washington Post and The New York Times. Visit www.Weatherdata.com and www.AccuWeather.com for more information.

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