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Professional Data Model Imagery
Now you have access to the same data that AccuWeather meteorologists use to make their forecasts every day, both in tabular format and analyzed maps. Professional offers a large selection of meteorological forecast models. Output is shown in decoded or raw text, as well as worldwide maps.
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Model Name
Regional Forecast Models (United States/North America)
A 3-day surface forecast database tweaked 24/7 by AccuWeather meteorologists.
The short-range Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System model.
Downscaled GFS with ETA Extension: A high-res ETA model initialized with GFS data.
The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory's tropical weather model.
The primary short-term weather forecast model for the US, replacing the ETA model.
A high resolution (20 km) version of the North American Model.
The National Weather Service's surface forecast database.
A high resolution (5 km) grid of GFS-based MOS guidance forecast surface weather.
The original "Nested Grid Model" -- a short-range forecast model for the U.S.
RSM Ensembles
Ensembles from the Regional Spectral Model, formerly included SREF
The very short-range (12 hour) but high-resolution (20 km) Rapid Update Cycle model.
Weather Research & Forecasting model, a regional Mesoscale numerical prediction
Ensembles from the WRF, formerly included in SREF
Global Forecast Models
The Climate Forecast System, a 9-month forecast model.
The Canadian Meteorological Center's worldwide short-range model.
ECMWF Deterministic
The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast primary medium-range worldwide model available twice per day out to 10 days.
ECMWF Control
The control run of the ECMWF ensemble forecast system providing worldwide forecasts twice per day out to 15 days.
ECMWF Monthly
The weekly run of the ECMWF monthly forecast system, which provides worldwide forecasts out to 32 days. The model is run on Thursdays, with data arriving about 22 GMT.
The Global Forecasting System model is the primary long-range forecasting tool. Formerly AVN/MRF
GFS Ensembles
Ensembles from the GFS model including Spaghetti Plots, Means and Spreads.
The Japan Meteorological Agency's worldwide medium-range model.
Ensembles generated by the Canadian Meteorological Center's worldwide medium-range model.
The U.S. Navy's worldwide medium-range forecast model.
The United Kingdom Meteorological Centre's worldwide medium-range forecast model.
Wavewatch III
A worldwide ocean model predicting winds and waves.
Special Forecast Model Functionality
The Animator
An interactive model display application, allowing model type and time comparisons.
Storm Tracks
Worldwide tracks of tropical and extra tropical storms for select models.
View multiple model forecasts on the same map!
Previous Runs/Differences
The last several forecast models runs available for select models.
Graphics of weather conditions over time, from select models.
Diagrams showing forecast upper air conditions from select models.
Rapid Update
Select model maps update as the data comes in., beating government postings.
Winter Precipitation Maps
Select models show areas of light, moderate or heavy snow, sleet, freezing rain or rain.
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